Magical Insights & Inspirations, by John Awen & Jhyenan O'Shea

Person glimpses and reflections upon the magical world which surrounds us everyday.

"Ancient Father of the Forest, Rock and Stone
Green man of the wild Glade
Horned Hunter of the Sharpest Blade
Hear my call…Hear my Plea
Hear me as I come to Thee"

Introducing John Awen

It's always exciting when we start working with a new writer, which is why we couldn't wait to introduce you to John Awen. He has a number of projects in the works, and "Magical Insights and Inspirations", that he wrote with his partner Jhyenan, will be released by Hedge Witchery Books soon. We caught up with him for a chat earlier this month.

1)  What made you write this book ?
To be honest, my partner Jhyenan and I have always written. We have been together now for 2 years. Jhyenan writes beautiful Wiccan poetry regularly, I practice Druidry and am always writing ideas and insights down. We realised we had quite a lot of pieces, so we decided to try and put it all together in a book.
2) Who do you envisage reading it and what impact do you hope it will have on them ?
Well, that's a tricky question, but I hope, due to the varied pieces in this book, it could reach out to a wider audience. Obviously Jhyenan has her poetry in it and we have  guest writers, whom we asked to do three pieces each, then we have my views and outlook on a wide variety of subjects, so, I believe, as an eclectic book, it may well appeal to many people. I would like to think that it will have a very powerful and positive effect on who ever reads it. Its certainly a book that you can easily pick up and put down. In these stressful times in which we live, its always great to see an alternative way of life and thinking.
3) What are your writing plans for the future ?
Along with this book, I have already written another and the first book in my own right. I am currently working on a third book now and have plans for others as well. I have contributed to a book that has already been published and have been asked for another contribution.
I have had my story from dark to light published in the Beltaine edition of Pagan Dawn magazine, with a further piece on Nemetons published in the Lammas edition of Pagan Dawn also I have just been asked to become Pagan Dawns staff writer, a role I am extremely honoured and proud to have been gifted and blessed with.
Basically, I have a passion for writing and absolutely love it and I will continue to write, hopefully for many, many more years to come.

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