Pagan Generation, by Luthaneal Adams

A book presenting a detailed view of modern Paganism, featuring chapters on the different Pagan paths and how to follow them, including Wicca, Druidry, Heathenry, Shamanism and more. Pagan Generation will also help you to construct a Pagan practice, relevant to the type of Paganism that calls to you. You'll find advise on how to construct your own rituals, create a shrine or altar, and the varied beliefs and practices of Paganism. You'll find information on how to honour the ancient Greek Gods, just like the ancient Greeks. You'll learn the ways of ancient Egyptian Paganism, as well as what the ancient Celts did and how you can do it, too. Plus, magic, how to use it and how it was used by the ancient Pagans. How to create sacred space and the ins and outs of group and solitary practice.

Available now from all good book stores in paperback and kindle format.